Installation Guide

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Initial Setup

  1. Download the latest version from the repository.
  2. Extract the files to your preferred directory (htdocs)


  1. Set your application name, base URL, Stripe API Keys, Database settings and all configurations in config.php.
  2. Optional: Check .htaccess if you will be running in a /subfolder/ RedirectBase in /app/.htaccess and /api/.htaccess to match your localhost directory.
  3. Optional: Create subdomains and point them to the respective folders: app, api, webhooks, and cdn.

Post-Configuration Steps

  1. Run composer install to install necessary dependencies.
  2. Import database.sql into your MySQL database.
  3. Set up a webhook from your Stripe dashboard to to handle Stripe events.
  4. Set up automatic deployment from a git repository/webhooks/deploy.php.

Verification and Testing

Ensure the setup is correct by accessing the following:

  • Login Page should open correctly.
  • API Endpoint should display a 'not authenticated' message.
  • Access your main landing or marketing page at the /web directory.
  • Your custom application should reside in the /app folder.
  • Your API endpoints will be located within the /api folder.
  • Models shared between all components are available for use across the application.

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